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"I should be grateful if I could attend your event from Flensburg to Kiel as an accompanying boat in my classic yacht Lilian (see attached). Lilian was built in Stockholm in 1916, designed by CG Pettersson, and we are members of the Motor Yacht Society (Sweden).
We have previously attended Classic week some 20 years ago, when you kindly suggested we act as a stake boat for races, but all boats were restricted to the harbour at Laboe because of poor weather. We hope the weather will be better this year, and that we may be able to accompany the races in some capacity."
Scott Pereira


Saturday, 14 June Robbe & Berking Classics Race
Monday, 16 June Long-distance race Sønderborg-Kappeln
Tuesday, 17 June Triangular races on the Schlei for the smaller boats and off Schleimünde for the bigger yachts
Wednesday, 18 June "Tag der Herausforderung"
Thursday, 19 June Up & downs off Eckernförde
Saturday, 21 June "Rendezvous der Klassiker" Races

Long-distance: various courses depending on boat size. Triangular races: two races are planned for each. At least 5 competitors required per class, otherwise boats will be entered into “open class”.

RACE ORGANISATION BY: WSF Wassersportfreunde Flensburg e.V. · Arnisser Segel-Club ASC · Segelclub Eckernförde SCE · Kieler Yacht-Club KYC

RULES: The Classic Week 2014 will take place according to the race rules of the ISAF, the organisation regulations of the DSV, announcements and sailing instructions. Announcements and sailing instructions will be distributed to all skippers.

Boats will be assigned to a race class depending on their type and KLR value, in the dinghy and Jollenkreuzer classes depending on type and KLR values calculated from the yardstick system.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Die Expedition der "Saint Michel II"

Im Sommer 1881 segelten Jules Verne und die „Saint Michel“ über die Nord- und Ostsee. Sie liefen etliche Häfen an, und ihrem Kurs folgend geht 2014 eine neue Crew um Philippe Valetoux an Bord des Nachbaus der „Saint Michel II“. Ihr Ziel: Kiel mit den Jules Verne Tagen und die "Classic Week 2014". Herzlich willkommen!

Die Expedition der St Michel II

Foto ©Association La Cale 2 l’Ile

Erinnerungen an die "Classic Week" 2006

"Klassiker!"-Bericht (pdf)


Erinnerungen an die "Robbe & Berking Classic Week" 2010

"Klassiker!"-Bericht (pdf)

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